Global Product Certification since 1992

EMC Testing

box-image1EMC Technologies can provide EMC testing and approvals services for RCM Testing, C-tick, A-tick, CE marking, FCC, ISED, VCCI and many other emerging markets. We can test a diverse range of electrical and electronics products for global certification and approval. We can offer EMC testing and compliance solutions to commercial, Defence and Aerospace, Railway, Automotive, Medical and various other industries.


Safety Testing

box-image2Our electrical safety testing laboratory can provide testing and approvals services for various electronic and electrical devices and appliances. We specialise in Australian (RCM) and European (CE) Low Voltage Directive (LVD) compliance and certification.


Radio and Wireless Testing

ESU receiverEMC Technologies can provide radio and wireless testing and certification services for RCM compliance, CE Marking R&TTE Directive compliance, FCC and ISED certification and more for a range of devices incorporating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and other transmitter technologies.



LISN calibration

We can provide convenient NATA accredited calibration services for EMR probes, ESD generators, antennas, LISN’s, CDN’s, EFT and Surge generators and more. We can also calibrate various other RF equipment and provide verification services.



rcm-icc-fcc-combine-logoEMC Technologies can arrange worldwide certification of your Radio communications and Telecommunications products. Common services include ACMA certification (Australian RCM), FCC (United Stated of America) and ISED (Canada) certification.



EMR-testingEMC Technologies is a leading expert on EMR testing, EMR assessment and EMR predictions. We are NATA accredited for various EMR activities including EMR measurements on site and in the lab, preparation of Site Radiation Folders (SRF), SAR testing and RF predictions for OH & S compliance.


Global EMC testing services and approvals

EMC Technologies, operating since 1992, is the largest, most experienced and most accredited (by NATA) EMC/EMI/Safety/EMR testing and product certification company in Australia. We offer comprehensive NATA accredited RCM Testing, C-tick testing, A-tick testing, CE marking, FCC testing and certification, ISED testing and certification, ISM testing, Automotive EMC testing, MIL-STD 461 EMC testing, RTCA/DO-160 Aerospace EMC testing, EMF testing, EMR testing, SAR testing, radio testing, electrical safety testing, compliance engineering services and more, all under the one roof. No other Australian test house offers such a wide range of services and international recognition to achieve global product certification.

EMC Technologies is a 100% privately owned Australian company. We are able to offer a complete “one-stop” service for establishing compliance with Australian and international regulations. Click here to see EMC Technologies terms and conditions.

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