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New EMC Technologies team member, Dr Arun Gayen

EMC Technologies is pleased to announce that Dr Arun Gayen has joined our team as our new Melbourne Safety Laboratory Manager.

Arun has many years of experience working in the compliance industry (formerly with TUV Rheinland Group in Japan and Australia) with a focus on Electrical Product Safety and EMI/EMC. He also brings a wealth of international experience in EMC Design and Consultancy from his previous experiences (PACE-United Kingdom, TATA ELXSI and Flextronics Design in India) plus local knowledge from his time at TUV Australia. Arun has a strong customer service approach.

For any electrical safety enquiries, please contact him on 03 9365 1000 or send a message via the contact form on our website.

NATA accredited Harmonics and Flicker calibration services

An Australian First

 NATA accredited testing to EN/IEC 61000-3-2 and 61000-3-3 (Harmonics and Flicker) and NATA accredited calibration of Harmonics and Flicker test systems

EMC Technologies is pleased to announce that they can now provide NATA accredited testing to Power Quality standards EN/IEC 61000-3-2 and EN/IEC 61000-3-3 including the AS/NZS equivalents.

EMC Technologies can now also provide the internationally accepted ISO 17025 NATA accreditation for the calibration of Harmonics and Flicker (H&F) compliance test systems used to measure H&F in per IEC/EN/AS/NZS 61000-3-2 and 61000-3-3. Accredited calibration of H&F test systems was only previously possible in overseas calibration labs. Shipping of these large and heavy H&F test systems is expensive and fraught with risk. This has always been a major problem for Australian test labs wishing to obtain NATA accreditation for testing to H&F standards. There have also been major inconsistencies in the interpretation of the calibration procedures. Many calibration labs ignored the Power Source of the H&F test system and it was excluded from the calibration. Two new standards (IEC Technical Reports) have been published to standardize the calibration methods;

IEC TR 61000-4-37:2016 Calibration and verification protocol for harmonic emission compliance test systems

IEC TR 61000-4-38:2015 Test, verification and calibration protocol for voltage fluctuation and flicker test systems.

EMC Technologies has the only NATA accredited H&F calibration service in Australia/New Zealand, and is one of the few in the world that meet the new calibration requirements.

Both calibration and testing are also conveniently available on site at customer’s premises.

Compliance with Harmonics and Flicker standards is mandatory for CE Marking and for certification of energy savings products under various energy regulator schemes in Australia and overseas.

For more information on the full range of EMC calibrations contact us using the contact page or go to

Radio and Wireless Testing

EMC Technologies can provide radio and wireless testing and certification services for RCM compliance, CE Marking R&TTE Directive compliance, FCC and IC certification and more for a range of devices incorporating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and other transmitter technologies.

EMR Testing

EMC Technologies is a leading expert on EMR testing, EMR assessment and EMR predictions. We are NATA accredited for various EMR activities including EMR measurements on site and in the lab, preparation of Site Radiation Folders (SRF), SAR testing and RF predictions for OH & S compliance.

RCM Testing

EMC Technologies can provide radio and wireless testing and certification services for RCM compliance, CE Marking R&TTE Directive compliance, FCC and IC certification and more for a range of devices incorporating Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee and other transmitter technologies. We can provide the mandatory radio and wireless testing, approvals and certification services for major international and local markets such as European CE Marking, USA and Canada FCC and IC certification, Japan MIC, Australian RCM and New Zealand GURL.

Safety Testing

Our electrical safety testing laboratory can provide testing and approvals services for various electronic and electrical devices and appliances. We specialise in Australian (RCM) and European (CE) Low Voltage Directive (LVD) compliance and certification. Compliance with electrical safety standards and directives is a mandatory requirement
worldwide and we provide comprehensive NATA accredited safety testing facilities.

EMC Testing

The EMC Technologies group offers the widest scope of NATA accredited testing in Australia and New Zealand. We offer the only fully NATA accredited RCM,FCC, Medical, Automotive, MIL-STD 461, EMF/EMR, SAR and CE testing services in Australia. No other Australian test house offers such a wide scope of test capability and international recognition.

Who we are


EMC Technologies is the largest, most experienced and most accredited EMI/EMC/EMR/Safety facility in Australia with over 40 professional staff employed across branches in Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand. Operating since 1992, we are an independent, privately owned Australian company providing specialist approval and certifications testing to Electromagnetic (EMC, EMI, EMR/EMF/SAR), Electrical Safety, Telecommunications and compliance engineering consultation and special projects services to all areas of the electrical/electronics industry.

We are NATA accredited for the vast majority of services we offer, this means your reports will not be challenged by the regulator and will generally be accepted worldwide. Our comprehensive facilities, range of test equipment and highly trained, experienced staff ensure the fastest and most efficient service to get your product to market.

We offer competitive rates and fast turn around time on testing and the all-important reports.If your product happens to fail any tests, EMC Technologies can draw on the experience gained from thousands of EMC and Safety fixes to provide the most cost effective and appropriate solution to the problem. Our highly trained and experienced engineers are here to assist.