Accredited Safety Testing in Melbourne Labs

Category: Safety Testing
Posted by: EMC Technologies
Posted on: 11/07/2018
Glow wire testing

Accredited Electrical Safety and Environmental Testing now available at EMC Technologies in Melbourne!

EMC Technologies is pleased to announce that their Melbourne labs are now accredited to a very wide scope for Safety and Environmental testing.

Compliance with electrical safety standards and directives is a mandatory requirement worldwide. Our comprehensive NATA accredited safety testing facility at our Sydney Branch (since 1996) and the A2LA accredited Melbourne facilities at Keilor Park , provide a choice of NATA or A2LA accredited testing.

Either endorsed report will have international recognition under the umbrella of the ILAC (International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation). The new Melbourne facility can test to most safety standards to AS/NZS (declared and non-declared articles) and EN/IEC required for RCM and CE LVD compliance.

For RCM level 3 (high risk) devices, we can also provide the mandatory accredited Safety test necessary for certification and ERAC registration, This is valid in Australia and New Zealand.

Common standards which we can provide safety testing services against and provide a NATA or A2LA test report include:
• AS/NZS/EN/IEC 60335 series for Appliances including EMC/EMF safety.
• AS/NZS/EN/IEC 61010 series for measurement, control and Laboratory instruments
• AS/NZS/EN/IEC 60598 series for Lighting equipment
• AS/NZS/EN/IEC 61347 series for Lamp control gear
• AS/NZS/EN/IEC 61558 series for Power Transformers, Power supplies and similar device
• AS/NZS/EN/IEC 60950-1 for Telecoms/ITE (ACMA Recognised Testing Authority)
• AS/NZS/EN/IEC 60065 for Audio and video products (Australian variations)
• AS/NZS/EN/IEC 62368-1 for Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment
• AS/NZS/EN/IEC 60601-1 for Medical equipment including EMC Safety.
• AS/NZS/EN/IEC 60669 Series for Switches for household and similar fixed electrical installations
• AS/NZS 3100 General requirements for electrical equipment
• AS/NZS 3105 Electrical portable outlet devices, control or conditioning devices
• AS/NZS 3112 Plug & Sockets
• AS/NZS 3136 Electrical equipment for spa and swimming pools
• AS/NZS 3199 Cord extension set
• AS/NZS/EN/IEC 60695 series for Fire hazard testing including Glow wire test, Needle flame test and Ball pressure test
• AS/NZS/EN/IEC 60112 for Proof and Comparative Tracking Index (PTI/CTI)
• AS/EN/IEC 60529 Degree of Ingress protection (IP) for Water (up to X8) and Dust (IP5X and IP6X)
• Environmental-Climatic for MIL-STD-810D,810G, 202H and Railway application (EN/IEC 50155)
• AS/NZS 4665.1 for Performance of external power supplies

For our full scope of accreditation and detailed list of the products we are NATA/A2LA accredited to test please refer to:
NATA: Sydney scope of accreditation
A2LA: Melbourne scope of accreditation