Altitude, Pressure & Rapid Decompression Testing.

Rapid Decompression & Altitude and Temperature product compliance testing.


Pressure (Altitude) Testing

Melbourne testing lab now expanded to include Low-pressure altitude and Rapid decompression testing.


Low pressure (altitude) test is to determine if materials can withstand or operate in a low-pressure environment or withstand rapid pressure changes.

This test is likely to be applicable to materials:

  • stored or operated at high ground elevation sites.
  • transported or operated in pressurized or unpressurized areas of aircraft.
  • exposed to rapid or explosive decompression and, if so, to determine if its failure will damage the aircraft. or present a hazard to personnel.
  • carried externally on aircraft.

Equipment specifications:

  • Static Low Pressure: as low as 5kPa (Absolute pressure), 21,000-meter height.
  • Chamber temperature: -70°C ~ +180°C.
  • Rapid decompression test < 15 seconds.
Rapid decompression for altitude product testing


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Standards which we can provide Pressure (altitude) & Rapid Decompression testing services and provide accredited (A2LA) test report:

(Accreditation Pending):

MIL-STD-810D - Method 500.2

MIL-STD-810E - Method 500.3

MIL-STD-810F - Method 500.4

MIL-STD-810G - Method 500.6

MIL-STD-810H - Method 500.6

MIL-STD-202H - Method 105

RTCA/DO-160G - Section 4

IEC 60068-2-13

IEC 60068-2-13