AS/NZS 4268, SRD, LIPD testing

Posted by: EMC Technologies
Posted on: 02/04/2016

There has been a proliferation of electronics products being supplied with some sort of short range radio transmitter utilising Bluetooth, Zigbee and Wi-Fi technology. If these are included in your product then they must be compliant with Australian RCM requirements for Short Range Devices (SRD) or LIPD (Low Interference Potential Devices). The regulator ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) has published  standard ACMA SRD 2014 which references industry standard AS/NZS 4268. This standard specifies various limits that an SRD must comply with in order to be legally sold in Australia.

If overseas test reports for the radio modules can be sourced (such as EN 300 328, EN 300 220, EN 300 330, FCC Part 15.247) EMC Technologies can review them against AS/NZS 4268 to ensure compliance. If reports are found to be invalid or are not available EMC Technologies can provide a comprehensive testing service.

Of course stand-alone short range radio devices must also comply with AS/NZS 4268.

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