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New Melbourne Safety and Environmental Testing Lab!

EMC Technologies Sydney branch has been providing NATA accredited Electrical Safety testing since 1997 . The Melbourne branch at Keilor Park  has recently commissioned an electrical safety and environmental testing laboratory. 17025 accreditation is pending and an official announcement will … Read More

TLISN calibration

EMC Technologies has added TLISN (Telecommunications Line Impedance Stabilisation Network) calibration to our vast scope of NATA accreditation. TLISN’s are used to measure conducted emissions from telecommunications ports such as Ethernet,  POE, CATV or CATVI. We can also calibrate CDNs … Read More

A Beginners Guide to EMC Compliance in Australia

The first thing to say about Electromagnetic Compliance (EMC) and compatibility is that it is a complex subject. Compliance implies that manufacturers, importers, and distributors who wish to sell electrical and electronic equipment in Australia must test, certify, register, and … Read More

A Beginners Guide to EMC Compliance in Australia

What EMI Shielding is and Why it Matters

It helps to start technical discussions by stating the definitions on which the discussion is based. Here are the two relevant definitions, both supplied by the Tech-Etch website. Electrostatic interference, EMI is a process by which disruptive electromagnetic energy is … Read More

EMI shielding