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What EMI Shielding is and Why it Matters

It helps to start technical discussions by stating the definitions on which the discussion is based. Here are the two relevant definitions, both supplied by the Tech-Etch website. Electrostatic interference, EMI is a process by which disruptive electromagnetic energy is … Read More

EMI shielding

Advantages of Fiber Optic and Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference

Fiber optics are thin flexible glass wires (or, other transparent solids) used primarily in the telecommunications industry. Fiber optical wiring simplifies data communication. In this article, we will explain the advantages of fiber optics and how they are immune to … Read More

advantages of fibre optic

Wireless Certification – Why use EMC Technologies?

In operations since 1992, EMC Technologies is a privately-owned Australian company specialising in the wireless testing and certification space, and it operates both in New Zealand and Australia. Accredited with EMI, EMC and EMR/SAR facilities, the company offers testing, certifications, and specialist … Read More


Understanding RCM Testing for Electronic Products & Equipment

The Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) is a compliance system applicable to suppliers and manufacturers in New Zealand and Australia, and requires the telecom, electromagnetic radiation (EMR), EMC, radiocoms, and all electrical equipment industries to comply with revised testing and certification … Read More