EMC Technologies Group Company Profile

5 locations with 4 capable accredited product testing facilities. Catering for EMC, Radio, EMR, Safety, Environmental testing and much more!

EMC Technologies – Company overview

EMC Technologies is the largest, most experienced and most accredited EMI/EMC/EMR/Safety facility in Australia with over 40 professional staff employed across branches in Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand. Operating since 1992, we are an independent, privately-owned Australian company providing specialist approval and certifications testing to Electromagnetic (EMC, EMI, EMR/EMF), Electrical Safety, Telecommunications and compliance engineering consultation and special projects services to all areas of the electrical/electronics industry.

We are NATA accredited for the vast majority of services we offer, this means your reports will not be challenged by the regulator and will generally be accepted worldwide.

Our comprehensive facilities, range of test equipment and highly trained, experienced staff ensure the fastest and most efficient service to get your product to market.

We offer competitive rates and fast turn around time on testing and the all-important reports.

 If your product happens to fail any tests, EMC Technologies can draw on the experience gained from thousands of EMC and Safety fixes to provide the most cost-effective and appropriate solution to the problem. Our highly trained and experienced engineers are here to assist.

About EMC Technologies

EMC Technologies, operating since 1992, is the largest, most experienced and most accredited EMC/EMI/Safety/EMR testing and product certification company in Australia with four highly equipped laboratories located in Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand. We offer comprehensive NATA accredited RCM Testing, (formerly C-tick and A-tick), CE marking, FCC testing and certification, ISED testing and certification, BSMI (Taiwan) testing, Automotive EMC testing, MIL-STD 461 EMC testing, RTCA/DO-160 Aerospace EMC testing, EMF testing, EMR testing, radio testing, NATA and A2LA accredited electrical safety testing, IP testing, calibration, compliance engineering services and more. No other Australian testing company offers such a wide range of services and international recognition to achieve global product certification.

EMC Technologies is a 100% privately owned independent Australian company. We are able to offer a complete “one-stop” service for establishing compliance with Australian and international regulations. Click here to see EMC Technologies’ terms and conditions.

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First time customers are more than welcome to visit our state of the art, purpose built NATA accredited labs to meet our friendly staff and inspect our facilities, to put faces to names and most importantly to ensure you are getting what you pay for.

Our clients are welcome to witness testing in our spacious, secure, indoor air-conditioned facilities.

EMC Technologies Group- Melbourne branch

Snapshot of services, facilities and capabilities

  • NATA accredited ISO 17025 & 17020 facilities in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland
  • Owners of subsidiary EMC Bayswater Pty Ltd, formerly RFI Industries EMC Laboratories
  • NATA accredited for EMI/EMC/EMR & Safety Testing
  • ISO 17025 calibration lab for EMC test equipment and devices
  • Major CISPR, EN, AS/NZS , ETSI standards
  • 10 metre and 3 metre indoor Open Area Test Site (iOATS) in Melbourne
  • 3/5 metre iOATS in Sydney, 3m iOATS in Bayswater
  • 3m/10m/30m low ambient test site at Colo, NSW. Just a one hour drive from the Seven Hills labs.
  • Automotive EMC services for all motor car companies, VCA & Ford accredited
  • MIL-STD, Aerospace, Medical
  • EMF/EMR Measurements & Modelling for RF exposure
  • Electrical Safety testing; AS/NZS, IEC, EN, LVD
  • FCC DoC lab, VCCI, iDT, BSMI, IC / ISED
  • Recognised Testing Authority (RTA) for ACMA telecoms compliance
  • FCC registered and NATA accredited facility
  • Industry Canada registered and NATA accredited facility
  • FCC and IC certification services
  • ACMA Telecoms Certification Body for mobile phones.
  • ACMA EMC Competent Body
  • ACMA RCM testing and certifications
  • Calibration of various RF instruments and devices
  • Antenna performance profiling and characterisation
  • Environmental testing
  • Training and seminars
  • European CE marking testing services for EMC, R&TTE, LVD directives
  • RCM local representative services and agency
  • European Notified Body for EMC Directive
  • Safety testing of medical products to IEC 60601-1 Edition 3
  • Consulting EMC/EMR/RFI engineers – Major infrastructure projects
  • Facilities available for hire. Conduct your special tests/Research/R & D in the most sophisticated EMC labs in Australia

Radiated emissions testing on the only 10m commercial Radiated emissions test site in Australia. Only available with the EMC Technologies Group.

EMC Technologies has fully accredited competent body status under the Australian Radio-communications Act and is a CAB (Notified Body) for the EMC Directive 2014/30/EC.

Find out how you can join our other clients in the region successfully utilising EMC Technologies Asian, US and European market penetration strategies. Many companies have already discovered the advantages of utilising our Melbourne, Sydney & Auckland based test services. If you are an overseas manufacturer, we can arrange a Local Representative Service so that you can freely sell to the whole of the Australia/NZ market without the restriction of being bound to a single local agent.

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