BCompetent Body (Notified body)


EMC Technologies facilities have been appointed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) as a Competent Body under the EMC Framework, Radiocommunications Act 1992.

In addition to providing the most comprehensive NATA accredited EMC testing services in Australia, EMC Technologies can also provide suppliers and manufacturers of electrical and electronic products an alternative to RCM testing. This involves establishing compliance by means of the assessment or preparation of Technical Construction Files (TCF).


Europe & United Kingdom

EMC Technologies is also a Notified Body (EMC only), accredited to issue technical reports and certificates for all electrical and electronic apparatus covered by the European CE EMC Directive 2004/108/EC and the United Kingdom UKCA EMC legislation under the Electromagnetic Compatibility Regulations 2016.

Examples of the use of the TCF route include:

  • Testing against standards is not practical due to the physical size or nature of the device
  • There are a large number of product variants that make testing un-economical
  • Where modifications have been performed on approved equipment
  • Where testing has been performed to other standards

Our CE EMC Notified body listing (NB 0819) can be found here or you download the PDF for NB 0819 here

Please note EMC Technologies is not currently a notified body for Radio Equipment under the Radio Equipment Directive (RED).

EMC Technologies is a member of the Electrical Compliance Testing Association (ECTA) of Australia. Key personnel are also NATA signatories for most of the EMC standards and are well placed to offer independent advice to manufacturers and suppliers on the selection of the best route to compliance with EMC regulations.