Railway EMC Testing

Railway & Rolling Stock EMC Testing

Railway & Rolling stock EMC Testing

EMC Technologies is the only NATA accredited organisation for performing Track side testing of the whole train/tram. We can provide NATA accredited testing services to EN 50121-3-1, EN 50121-3-2, EN 50121-4 and EN 50121-5. This includes electromagnetic emission and electromagnetic immunity measurements. We can also provide testing and consultation for EN 50121-1 and EN 50121-2 .

EMC Technologies has conducted comprehensive EMC studies on many railway projects Australia wide including remote facilities and mining sites.

We have worked as EMC specialists for major contractors and subcontractors during all phases of a project life cycle including the tendering, documentation preparation, specification, design through to the final construction.

EN 50121-1

EN 50121-2

EN 50121-3-1

EN 50121-3-2

EN 50121-4

EN 50121-5

EN 50328-1

EN 50238-3

EN 50155

EN 50592

If it's not listed contact us!

Proper Engineering practice includes:

  • EMC Quality Plan
  • EMC Control Plan
  • EMC Test Plan
  • EMC Design Documents
  • EMC Test Specification



Previous Railway Projects

  • Queensland Rail (Australia), Cairns Tilt Train
  • Singapore LTA
  • Gold Coast Light Rail
  • Sydney Light Rail
  • EDI Rail
  • Hong Kong KCRC
  • Olympic Railway Station (Homebush, site of the 2000 Sydney Olympics)
  • Automatic Ticket Validation System on Melbourne Trams and public transport system
  • Hitachi Electric Traction Systems
  • ASKAP (Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder) project, WA