The new amended version of EN-62209-2 SAR standard has been released (EN-62209-2 A1). The amendment was a result of finding that traditional SAR test systems may introduce errors and underestimate the SAR if the angle of attack of the test probe is more than 5% away from the direction perpendicular to the phantom position. The estimated error could be as high as 30%. This issue has been addressed in the new release of the EN-62209-2 standard i.e. Amendment 1. In addition, new requirements for the zoom scan have been introduced. This is will provide with tools to maintain high standards and quality of SAR testing. SAR testing is undergoing fast changes, new technologies have been introduced and software become very complex and reliable. It is even more important than before to use SAR testing facilities with staff that are well trained and have a good comprehension of the latest implementations to regulations and tools used during SAR compliance evaluation. EMC Technologies works hard to maintain its SAR lab and maintain their expert status in SAR testing. Annual system validation is performed for every hardware and every frequency which is used for the SAR evaluation, regular inter-lab comparisons are conducted to ensure accuracy and methods.