Environmental testing

EMC Technologies have comprehensive Environmental Laboratories offering Climatic (temperature, Humidity & Thermal Shock), Accelerated ageing, UV, Salt Spray, Salt mist & NSS Corrosion, IP (Ingress Protection), Acceleration, Rapid Decompression, Combined altitude with temperature and Shock & Vibration test services

Environmental Testing

Environmental testing and accelerated ageing are testing that may be mandated for certain regions or required standards. But for many products, this testing is not mandated, but if any claim to performance is made then testing should be done to have evidence. In addition, it can help ensure less product returns to defective products that may after sold become faulty due to external environmental impacts.

There are various types of testing all designed to simulate real-world phenomena such as sunlight, rain, corrosion, temperature and humidity. Some materials are more susceptible to others with respect to each test. Such as metals are more likely to display corrosion to plastics. Whilst plastics are more likely to exhibit degradation, such as fading or even breakdown than a metal product.

So why use a test laboratory?

Firstly, the process can be simulated under very controlled conditions for both repeatability and also allow the real-world type exposure to be increased and therefore speed up the ageing process, i.e. accelerated ageing! Secondly, a laboratory provides independent non-biased and can issue a test report including accredited test reports that can be used as evidence for approvals or to substantiate a marketing claim.

Note: Some testing accreditation may be pending, unendorsed test available pending A2LA accreditation.

Environmental Testing

Below are the current testing facilities and environmental testing that we offer.

Ingress Protection (IP rating) Testing

Climatic (temperature, Humidity) Testing

Thermal Shock

Salt Mist & Neutral salt spray test (NSS) - Corrosion

Combined Altitude and Temperature Testing

Acceleration Testing

UV Exposure Testing

Shock and Vibration Testing

Environmental Testing with EMC Technologies

NATA & A2LA (ILAC recognised) Accredited Environmental testing services