ICES-003 issue 7 – EMC testing for Canada

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Posted on: 11/25/2021
ICES 003 issue 7 EMC Testing for IT products

EMC testing of Information Technology Equipment (ITE) for Canadian compliance requires testing to the EMC standard ICES-003. As of the 15th of October 2021, the required Canadian ISED (The Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada) EMC standard is ICES-003 issue 7 (issue 6 is superseded). ICES-003 issue 7, brings some changes that may need a compliance assessment or review.

Title change

There was an administrative change to the title from changed from Information Technology Equipment (Including Digital Apparatus) – Limits and Methods of Measurement to Information Technology Equipment (including Digital Apparatus).

Radiated emissions limits

The main technical changes were that the Radiated emissions limits below 1GHz. New limits table 2 of ICES issue 7 now apply and the more stringent CAN/CSA-CISPR 22 and CAN/CSA-CISPR 32 limits have been removed. The new limits detailed are as follows:

 Class A limitClass A limitClass B limitClass B limit
Frequency (MHz)dBmV/m @ 10mdBmV/m @ 3m1dBmV/m @ 10mdBmV/m @ 3m
30 to 8840.
88 to 21643.554.033.143.6
216 to 23046.456.935.646.0
230 to 96047.
960 to 100049.660.043.554.0
30MHz to 1GHz Quasi-Peak limits for ICES 003 issue 7

Limits above 1GHz have not changed from issue 6, except the limits are now defined at a measuring distance of 3m instead of 10m.

Test report and labelling

The test report and labelling & user manual requirements now reference the ICES-GEN requirements. As part of the test report requirements the reference to the test method either ANSI C63.4 or CAN/CSA-CISPR 32:17 is required. CAN/CSA-CISPR 22 is no longer the referecned method and is replaced by CAN/CSA-CISPR 32:17 (normative reference section).

Wireless power Transfer (WPT) 

For products falling within scope of ICES-003 i.e., ITE products that may also contain Wireless power Transfer (WPT) capabilities must comply with the RSS-216 requirements.

Power supplies tested to ICES-001 or ICES-003

Additional information is added to ICES-003 issue 7 relating to the testing requirements of power supplies. If the ITE product is marketed with a power supply the power supply testing is performed with the ITE product. If the power supply is marketed separately then it falls under the scope of ICES-001. 

ICES-003 exemptions

The latest ICES-003 issue also clarifies the exemptions differently, potentially requiring testing of products in accordance with ICES-003 that previously would be exempt, pay special attention to clause e(ii).

Compliance evidence requiring continual updates

As per ICES-GEN section 5.2, in the case of a new issue of the applicable ICES standard is published. And transition position and if the equipment continues to be available. Then the manufacturer or imported shall verify the compliance to the latest issue of the standard. This may include an updated test report or engineering analysis. The compliance records hall be kept and made available upon request to the ISED if required.

Here is a helpful link to ICES-003 issue 7, Gazette Notice Np. SMSE-013-20

ICES-003 EMC testing in Australia

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