RCM logo  Companies who wish to legally sell goods to the Australian market (RCM) must have local representation. Where a local office, importer or distributor does not exist or is not financially feasible a local representative can be used. EMC Technologies subsidiary company EMC Systems Pty Ltd can provide this representative service.

The process involves several steps:

  •  A contractual agreement is made allowing your company to use our registration details for A-tick/C-tick/RCM registration as authorised by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)
  • Conduct RCM testing (if suitable test reports are not already available)
  • Preparation of EMC Compliance Records as required by ACMA
  • We then issue a signed Declaration of Conformity (DoC) which completes the ACMA Compliance Record and is made available to ACMA in the event of an audit or to your customers in Australia.
  • The products can then be labelled with the RCM mark.
  • EMC Systems will be the registered supplier.

The Local Representative (Agency) agreement only covers ACMA compliance (EMC, Wireless and Telecoms) but not Safety Registration.