New EU CE Marking Directives: LVD, EMCD and Radio Equipment Directive (RED)

Category: CE - Europe
Posted by: EMC Technologies
Posted on: 05/11/2016

The new EMC and LVD CE Marking Directives are in force! The new RED is coming soon!

Applicable to everyone who designs, manufactures or is in the supply chain for products supplied in the European Union (EU)

  • The new EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, replacing 2004/108/EC on 20 April 2016
  • The new LVD Directive 2014/35/EU, replacing 2006/95/EC on 20 April 2016
  • The new RED Directive 2014/53/EU, replacing the R&TTE Directive 1995/5/EC on 13 June 2016

Every individual item placed on the EU Market on/after 20 April 2016 must declare compliance to the new EMC and LVD, regardless of how long the products have been supplied to the EU.

Similarly, if your product has a Bluetooth or other wireless transmitter, you must declare compliance with the new RED after 13th June 2016.

    • Does your DoC cover all applicable latest Directives?
    • Does your DoC meet the new requirements?
    • Does your DoC cover the latest harmonised standards?
    • Does the product label meet the new requirements?
  • Does your Technical documentation meet the new requirements?

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