Product Testing Australia

Posted by: EMC Technologies
Posted on: 03/25/2021
Product Testing Australia - EMC Technologies Group

To ensure that products when supplied to the market must meet the mandatory compliance standards including mandated EMC and safety standards. It also helps provide evidence for any claims of performance made about the product. EMC Technologies provide accredited product testing for Australia and other global markets.

Why are products tested?

To prevent unsafe products or products that may adversely affect other products (electromagnetic and radiocommunications) product testing is normally required.

Suppliers have a legal responsibility to supply products:

  • Those are not products banned under Australian law such as novelty cigarette lighters, sky lanterns etc.
  • Free from defects (materials, workmanship, construction etc.)
  • Meet the Australian mandatory safety standards, not including RCM requirements
  • Have evidence of any claims such as performance etc. made about them
  • Meet any other Australian legislation such as the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM)
  • MEPS energy efficiency for applicable AC mains-powered products

Options for Product Testing in Australia 

  • Depending upon the product, it may be compulsory to use an accredited laboratory and a certification body. This is true for high-risk electrical products including AC mains plugs and many AC/DC power supplies.
  • External third-party testing, preferably accredited for the product testing required.
  • Conduct in-house testing if suitable facilities and expertise are available.
  • Leverage existing written evidence such as test reports. These test reports may already be available from your supplier, these can be assessed against the Australian and any deficits could be made up at a local testing laboratory.

We advise for testing evidence to use an independent specialist accredited product testing laboratory such as one of the EMC Technologies Groups labs.

Australian accredited product testing laboratories

Using an accredited testing laboratory provides a high level of confidence. Accreditation indicates that the required testing is performed per the standard. Accredited testing labs undergo a regular external assessment by the accreditation body providing the accreditation. This includes inspection of the facility, test equipment, test procedures & standards and also the staff expertise.

Some labs may have some accreditation, but the accreditation must cover the testing standard you require. Any limitations of accreditation should be carefully checked. Ensuring it does not affect the accredited scope of the testing required. Some labs also offer an accredited test lab to a quality system, such as ISO 17025. But these companies may not be accredited for the testing required.

EMC Technologies accreditation for product testing in Australia and other global markets.

EMC Technologies have accreditations through both the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and also the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation (A2LA). Please refer to the EMC Technologies product testing accreditation page for more details for each of our 4 product testing labs.