Radio Equipment Directive (RED) and Low Voltage Directive (LVD)

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Posted by: EMC Technologies
Posted on: 06/14/2019

Nowadays, almost every type of equipment has got a radio device built in. From small handsets, household appliances (cooking ovens etc) to big machines. As per RED, the whole product needs to show compliance to the relevant Electrical Safety standard (also no exemption based upon the power for battery operated devices).

Quick back story to how the LVD became mandatory for all products! The radio and telecommunication terminal equipment directive (1999/5/EC (R&TTED) was replaced by the ‘Radio Equipment Directive’ known as ‘RED’ in full on the 13 June 2016. Bringing many changes and cross-referencing EMC, and LVD directive requirements and removing some of the previous exemptions.

As per Radio Equipment Directive (2014/53/EU), all radio equipment must comply with the EMC & LVD requirements as discussed briefly in this article.

As stated in addition to EMC compliance, radio products must also comply with the CE Electrical Safety requirements (as set out in the LVD -Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU). Please also note that as per RED, there is no voltage limit. This means even battery operated equipment need to comply with the Safety requirements.

In general, most of the product commonly falls under the scope EN 62368 (Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment – Part 1) but not all of them. EN 62368 replaced EN 60065 (Audio/Video) and EN 60950-1 (ITE) compliance of many products may need to be re-visited to ensure continued compliance and mandated standards. The official date withdrawal date of EN 60950-1 is the 12th of December 2020. Please check the LVD directive for more information

Also, within the LVD are requirements with respect to human exposure to electromagnetic fields including low power assessments to the applicable standard for the radio technologies, RF power levels and frequency range(s).

Under the new LVD, the manufacturer is responsible for determining and assessing suitability prior to placing the product on the market by carrying out conformity assessment procedures. A notified body is not required for the LVD unless the product falls under the scope of another CE directive which specifically requires it.

For the RED a notified body may not be required if harmonised standards have been applied in full and all relevant documentations and supporting compliance is completed by the manufacturer along with internal quality controls (as per Annex II – Internal production control).

Alternatively, a notified body can be used to review the technical documentation and production controls, design and testing and issue an EU type certificate (as per Annex III – EU type examination (Modules B & C).

Lastly, the manufacturer uses a notified to arrange all aspects including a full quality assurance (FQA) program. Including technical documentation, testing, quality control, surveillance, CE marking the Declaration of Conformity ‘DoC’ and the notified body’s numerals may appear on the product packaging (as per Annex IV –FQA agreement with a Notified Body (Module H)).

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