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RCM Testing

A-tick & C-tick to RCM

  RCM Testing – (Regulatory Compliance Mark)

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C-tick and A-tick are no more! A new Australian and New Zealand compliance system (RCM) has replaced C-tick and A-tick (as of March 2016). The RCM also covers the new Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC) Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS).

The RCM now indicate a relevant products compliance with all applicable Australian regulatory requirements:

  • Telecommunications
  • Radiocommunications
  • EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation)
  • Electrical Safety (for high risk or prescribed articles)

All new suppliers must now register on the National Database. There is no longer a need to include supplier information on product labelling, only the RCM mark.

RCM testing and record keeping requirements are unchanged from the old C-tick and A-tick schemes. Your product will still require applicable RCM testing such as EMC testing, EMR testing, electrical safety testing and telecom/radiocomms testing. You must still hold valid test reports and signed Declaration of Conformity documents. Documents must be maintained in product compliance folders.

Existing suppliers can continue to use the C-tick or A-tick marks however we strongly recommend switching over to the new RCM system. Existing products do not have to be re-labelled or re-tested.

EMC Technologies may be conducting RCM training courses in the near future. Click here here for details. We can also offer comprehensive RCM testing and certification services, please contact us for assistance and advice.