RF electromagnetic safety compliance and certification of wireless transmitters.

Category: SAR Testing
Posted by: EMC Technologies
Posted on: 10/06/2019

The requirements for RF electromagnetic safety of wireless transmitters are changing and to accommodate new technologies new standards (or test procedures) are being published, also the new test capabilities of the test equipment have become available.

We are pleased to inform you that we have upgraded our SAR lab and extended the range of frequencies of our SAR test system. Now we can measure SAR from 4 MHz to 6 GHz (potentially to 10 GHz). In the process, we have purchased equipment for most available communication frequencies.

Established in 1999  when the Australian regulator, now the ACMA, introduced the ACME EMR Standard, our SAR lab is one of the most experienced SAR labs in the world. We also were one of the first labs to test in 5GHz range and have been performing SAR tests in the 5 GHz band for 15 years. We provide quality service, fast turnaround, and great value. We  test practically any transmitter which is used within 20 cm from human body, and we specialize in PTT and backpack-mounted transmitters as this requires unique set of skills. Our lab is accredited to test practically for any market around the world through the mutual agreement which our certification agency NATA is a member of. We are also on the FCC (USA) and ISED (Canada) accredited labs list for SAR testing in-addition to general testing for the certification of wireless devices.  

If you require SAR (or EMC) compliance testing (or research) please consider our laboratories. You will receive an accredited compliance report from the lab with a very good reputation. In fact, some manufacturers in Asia choose to retest in Australia because they have learnt that the Australian NATA endorsed report is very we accepted internationally and often requested in Australia. Why risk your IP by sending your product to an obscure lab in some Asian country? Our lab is often used by Australian Department of Defence which means your confidential information is safe with us because our facilities and test officers fulfil strict defence security requirements.