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Impulse and Surge Electrical safety testing
A2LA accredited safety testing
Creepage and Clearance Testing
Visual inspections of PCB layout and components
IP Ingress testing
A complete EMC, Radio, EMR, SAR and Safety under solution one roof!
Safety-Testing conducted on an heater
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Water ingress IP testing
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Glow wire testing
Electrical safety for RCM and ERAC/EESS testing requirements

Newsflash: Melbourne safety testing lab now commissioned and A2LA accredited! Click here for more details.

Compliance with electrical safety standards and directives is a mandatory requirement worldwide. Our comprehensive NATA and A2LA accredited safety testing facilities at our Sydney and Melbourne branches respectively provide the following services:

  CE-marking-logo35px CE marking in Europe – Low Voltage Directive (LVD) including EMC functional safety.

RCM logo  RCM in Australia – Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS)

For RCM level 3 (high risk) devices we can provide RCM testing services and arrange safety certificates which are valid in Australia and New Zealand for ERAC/EESS registration through the NSW Department of Fair Trading, Energy Safe Victoria or other accredited Certification bodies.

Common standards which we can provide RCM safety testing services against and provide accredited (NATA or A2LA) test reports:

  • AS/NZS/EN/IEC 60335 series for  Appliances including EMC/EMF safety.
  • AS/NZS/EN/IEC 61010 series for  Laboratory instrument
  • AS/NZS/EN/IEC 60598 series for  Lighting equipment
  • AS/NZS/EN/IEC 61347 series for  Lighting controlgears
  • AS/NZS/EN/IEC 61558 series for Transformers
  • AS/NZS/EN/IEC 60950-1 for  Telecoms/ITE (ACMA Recognised Testing Authority)
  • AS/NZS/EN/IEC 60601-1 for  Medical equipment including EMC Safety.
  • AS/NZS/EN/IEC 60065 for  Audio and video products (Australian variations)
  • AS/NZS 3100  General
  • AS/NZS 3105  Electrical portable outlet devices, control or conditioning devices
  • AS/NZS 3112  Plug & Sockets
  • AS/NZS 3136  Electrical equipment for spa and swimming pools
  • AS/NZS 3199  Cord extension set
  • AS/NZS/EN/IEC 60695 series for Fire hazard testing including
    • Glow wire test
    • Needle flame test
    • Ball pressure test
  •  AS 60529 Degree of protection IP excluding IP5X and IP6X  
  • AS/NZS 4665.1 for  Performance of external power supplies


For a detailed list of our accreditation scopes please refer to the following links:

Melbourne branch accreditation scope (A2LA)

Sydney branch accreditation scope (NATA)


Safety Inspections and Audits

Our expert safety engineers can inspect and survey your equipment to identify possible product safety deficiencies. We evaluate it for construction details, design requirements, and component selection against the applicable Australian and European harmonized standards. We also review schematics and instruction manuals for appropriate labelling and safety information details. Our test reports outline the recommended corrective actions, with an emphasis on the design considerations that may also affect EMC compliance. We also specify a suite of tests which will demonstrate conformity for the product. “Top-up” testing to Australian differences is provided where the report falls short of the AS/NZS standard.