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Compliance Courses

EMC Technologies provides a wide range of EMC and EMR technical and regulatory seminars and other events throughout the year. We can conduct these courses here in our modern purpose built seminar facility or we can visit you anywhere in Australasia. Please contact us for more information.

Australian RCM Compliance Course

The RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark) has replaced C-tick and A-tick (March 2016). The new Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC) Electrical Equipment Safety System (EESS) is active and also uses the RCM. This course will cover everything you need to know about RCM regulations, RCM compliance, RCM testing, RCM certification and the implications for existing products which already have C-tick or A-tick compliance.

We can supply this course on demand to small or large groups, either here at our facility or we can visit you. Please contact us for details.


EMC Technologies regularly provides EMC, EMI and EMR technical and regulatory training courses both in our laboratories/seminar facility and on-site at customer premises. We have conducted numerous specialized training courses over the past 24 years and we are able to present courses specially tailored to your requirements and budget. Courses typically consist of theoretical and practical training.

EMC /EMI (Electromagnetic Compatibility/Electromagnetic Interference)

The course typically includes classroom instructions covering RF/EMC/EMI fundamentals, standards and regulatory requirements plus hands-on training in the laboratory using EMC and EMI test equipment such as antennas, probes, spectrum analysers, RF generators and amplifiers.

We can provide courses on commercial EMC testing and more specialised courses on MIL-STD EMC testing.

EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation)

The course typically includes classroom instructions and hands-on training using EMR field probes, RF/EME/EMR fundamentals, regulatory requirements, Australian, European, USA, Canadian and USA Defence EMR requirements, field calculations and discussions on EMR test equipment and antennas.