Shielding Effectiveness Testing

RF attenuation measurments of materials and screen room enclosures.

Shielding Effectiveness

NATA accredited Shielding Effectiveness testing of buildings, installations and materials to MIL-STD 285 can be provided. We can also provide shielding testing services to IEEE-Std-299.

  • Defence installations where high levels of shielding are required. (EMCT has the appropriate defence security clearance).
  • Secure buildings and facilities such as defence, Tempest, government and financial institutions where electronic security is required.
  • Radio communications transceiver test rooms.
  • Equipment enclosures such as 19 inch racks and smaller cabinets.
  • Hospital medical theatres and medical suites housing medical and diagnostic equipment such as MRI, X-ray imaging and other EMI/RFI susceptible equipment.
  • Shielded enclosures and buildings where the existing RF ambient signals from nearby high power commercial transmitters, portable and mobile transmitters pose an interference threat to computer installations.
  • Audio/TV studios and message centres.
  • Shielding effectiveness of materials (sample panels, windows, paints etc).

Companies purchasing, selling or erecting shielded enclosures of any type should obtain a 100% independent compliance test to ensure that they are actually getting the RF attenuation performance for which they have paid.

EMC Technologies can perform the RF attenuation testing in the laboratory or on site in urban or remote locations. NATA assessed procedures ensure accurate and repeatable tests with the highest possible confidence in the results. If an enclosure fails to meet the required performance, EMC Technologies can isolate the problem and provide recommendations for appropriate and cost effective solutions.

For the highest level of confidence, always insist on an independent NATA accredited test. Why?

Would you let the car salesman test the car for you? Would you trust the builder of your new house to carry out the final inspection?

Specialist Shielding Consultation Services

In addition to shielding testing services, our specialist engineers are also available for shielding consulting. Previous projects include many defence projects, airport control buildings, sensitive IT centres, hospitals, RF test labs, etc. A complete list is available on request.

Special Tests

Testing services can be provided to many of the less common military and aerospace standards including cable shielding, transfer impedance, filter attenuation, reliability, to name a few. Environmental tests are also available.


TEMPEST testing and compliance ensures that no unintentional compromising emissions occur from cryptographic and other equipment that processes classified information. EMC Technologies can direct you to accredited TEMPEST Certification engineers that are recognized by the Defense Signals Directorate. 


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