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Site testing conducted on earthmoving equipment
Site testing conducted on Medical Equipment

EMC Technologies has a dedicated In-Situ test team that carries out EMC testing nationwide and in the Asia-Pacific region. Equipped with portable EMC test equipment, we are able to support a wide range of EMC emissions and immunity tests and measurements at your site.


  • RF ambient site survey
  • RF EMF measurements for OH&S purposes
  • EMI interference surveys and investigations
  • On site consulting services
  • RCM testing and CE marking testing for large devices
  • We also have a portable shielded room that can be shipped to your site.

In-Situ testing is the ideal solution when the logistics of moving equipment to our NATA accredited laboratories for conventional testing makes this impractical. Various large items that require RCM testing or CE testing can be tested on site.

We can measure RF field strength up to 40 GHz using narrowband (frequency discrimination) techniques or up to 60 GHz using broadband instruments.


Our experienced engineers have investigated and resolved hundreds of Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) problems throughout all industry sectors both here in Australia and in Singapore, New Guinea, New Zealand, the Philippines and Malaysia.

Examples of equipment and projects we have worked on include the following:

  • Medical diagnostic equipment such as Ultra-Sound, microscope,  patient monitoring systems, medical imaging equipment
  • Industrial equipment, machines and systems in refineries and factories.
  • Tracking equipment
  • Security alarms and similar systems.
  • Printing machines
  • Elevators and lifts in city buildings
  • Commutator systems
  • Airport radio communications systems
  • Airport control centre equipment
  • Equipment in RAAF/Navy/Army bases
  • Telecoms systems
  • Synchrotron (Melbourne)

If you suspect that you may have an EMI problem, please call and get some free advice from one of our experienced EMC engineers.