Another Australian First – VCCI (Japan) Expanded Registration of EMC Test Facilities

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EMC Technologies has recently increased the scope of the VCCI registration to include the new indoor Open Area Test Site (iOATS) at Keilor Park (Melbourne) for 3 metre and 10 metre radiated field strength measurements.   The scope of VCCI recognized testing now includes all aspects of the VCCI/CISPR 22 standard.

  • Radiated Field Strength 30 MHz – 1000MHz          : VCCI # R-4085
  • Radiated Field above 1 GHz: 1 – 6 GHz                   : VCCI # G-377
  • Conducted EMI, Mains Ports                                   : VCCI # C-2773
  • Conducted EMI, Telecoms Ports                             : VCCI # T-2062

If your product has a Telecoms port, or an internal clock exceeding 108 MHz, the test lab must have the appropriate scope of VCCI registration. Test reports from facilities that do not have specific VCCI registrations are not acceptable in Japan. Testing at EMC Technologies will cover the entire scope of the VCCI test standard. VCCI testing is usually performed at the same time as testing to EN/CISPR 22 (RCM/CE Marking) and FCC Part 15 (USA). This means much lower testing costs than testing for each of these standards individually.

 The Melbourne facility is the only VCCI registered facility in Australia or New Zealand.

For more info please contact Chris Zombolas on +613 9365 1000 or submit a message using the form on the right side of this page.