Wireless Certification – Why use EMC Technologies?

Posted by: EMC Technologies
Posted on: 07/20/2017

In operations since 1992, EMC Technologies is a privately-owned Australian company specialising in the wireless testing and certification space, and it operates both in New Zealand and Australia. Accredited with EMI, EMC, and EMR/SAR facilities, the company offers testing, certifications, and specialist approval to the telecommunications, electrical, and electronics industries.

The company invests in state-of-the-art infrastructure and training and maintains active memberships with various other certification associations globally.

EMC Technologies:

  • is an FCC accredited testing lab with the AU0001 (Melbourne) and AU0002 (Sydney) designation number
  • is a member of the FCC Testing and Certification Bodies (TCB) Council, and we attend their twice-yearly conference-cum-workshops to remain up-to-date with the developments in Canada and the USA
  • is a member of the European Radio Equipment Director (RED) Compliance Association
  • was a member of the former European Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment (R&TTE) Compliance Association
  • is a notified body under the EU EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

Wireless certification is a complicated process and decades of experience have made us the leader in the wireless certification market. We maintain a 95% market share. The extensive experience is at the disposal of our clients who want to enter a large overseas market and needs accurate certifications.

EMC Technologies Services

#1 Radio Wireless Testing

EMC specialises in Low Interference Potential Devices testing, LIPD testing, and ACMA Short Range Devices 2014 testing. Approvals and certification services are offered globally such as Australian RCM, Canada FCC and ISED, Japan MIC, European CE Marketing, and New Zealand GURL. There are 18 standard testing benchmarks. An overview of the services would include Bluetooth certification, ZigBee certification, Wi-Fi certification, short-range radio transmitter, and transceiver certification, and LIPD certification.

#2 EMC Testing

The EMC testing services cover the automotive, medical, railway and rolling stock, military and aerospace, commercial, and consumer industries, offering the necessary EMC testing services for the major international markets – VCCI (Japan), ISED (Canada), FCC (North America), CE (Europe) and RCM (Australia and New Zealand).

EMC Technologies can also assist you to enter the emerging markets of South America, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Indonesia. The company adheres and complies with all regulation protocols.

#3 Safety Testing

EMC Technologies maintains compliance with all safety and security directives. We have our safety testing facility in Sydney, and it is NATA accredited. There are 16 common standards for which we provide safety testing NATA report. We employ experienced engineers to identify product safety deficiencies regarding product design, features, and components.

#4 EMR /SAR Testing

Since 1992, EMC Technologies is the most accredited and Australia’s largest company to measure electromagnetic fields, and we specialise in EMR surveys, RCM EMR testing, EMF measurements, ACMA EMR approval, EME expertise, and maintains compliance with EMR in Australia. We are the only company in Australia that can provide NATA accredited testing to the entire ARPANSA standard including SAR.

Our reports are globally accepted as we are NATA accredited for EMI/EMC/EMR/SAR & Safety Testing. We follow the major CISPR, AS/NZS, EN, ETSI standards and offer SAR Testing as the only lab in Australia and New Zealand. It is recognised by the Testing Authority (RTA) for ACMA telecoms compliance,

The telecommunications market is an exploding field, with unimaginable technological advancements. We have highly trained engineers and supporting staff working with clients for wireless certifications.

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Wireless Certification – Why use EMC Technologies?

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